Noks Makina İmalat ve Endüstriyel Montaj San. A.Ş. was founded in 2016 in Ankara/Turkey. Our firm is one of the foremost companies which provides installation and deinstallation. Our founder Mr. Burhan Yıldırım has combined his experience and expertise accumulated by years of service in this sector with an expert team in this area and together they started to meet this sector’s evergrowing needs. Noks Makina’s credibility set by its credentials, with its installation and after services it has become one of the most sought firms.

Our firm continue its services in accordance with safety, quality and environmental management standards. Noks Makina; with sector leaders, is a firm which leaved its mark to both domestic and abroad projects of all scale hence its competence.

Noks Makina in addition to installation and deinstallation services offers piping, I-O test, turn-key solutions, grounding and welding. Our firm has leaved its signature in its services and has established its vision upon undertaking bigger projects with a management and technical staff who are striving to do better. Noks Makina would like to thank you for your interest and support and will continue to serve you better in today and the future.


In the sector in which we operate; To meet the expectations at the highest level with its innovative engineer staff and dynamic employees to always provide the best solution-oriented service.


With “Human First” philosophy, comprehending information and technologies importance without sacrificing credibility and quality Noks Makina follows the developing standards to continue our investments and become one of the world’s leading installation companies.

Our Values

• Responsibility
• Respect
• Being Just and Fair
• Honesty
• Customer Satisfaction


Noks Makina’s approach is while meeting demands of customers and projects demands, complying with work ethics.

Environmental Management Policy

Noks Makina sets it work methods by evaluating environmental protection its first priority. Noks Makina sets its planning and applying strategies in accordance with principles listed below;

Applies relevant legal policy regulations and standarts

Waste produced from our services to be mitigated to minimal in every situation and place

Environmental Management System which we established is applied to all of our processes and observed for

Emergency risks are tried to be reduced

In order to be successful in contributing to the environment providing information about our environmental protection strategies, goals and success to our customers, employees, suppliers and local governments.

The environmental concerns and suggestions of our neighbors, customers and employees

taken into account for improving our environmental activies

By being mindful of environment’s impact on our future we reduce environment pollution to lowest possible level. Environmental pollution is being reduced by mindful use of natural resources and energy.

Within the framework which based upon the principle of continuous protection of the environment, non-pollution and the use of resources at minimum level our company plans applies ands aims at continuously improving its activities

Provides relevant environment protection policies and and other guaranteed policies furthermore aims at surpassing standarts set by this policies and being one of the leading examples of this sector

Provides adequate training to personnels about environment protection.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Based on international regulations and related standards, Ohsas 18001 compliant of Occupational Health and Safety Management System, maintains customer satisfaction with its expert staff assuring environmental safety, preventing injuries and health hazards

Quality Policy

In the line of Noks Makine’s vision, we provide highly reliable installation and deinstallation services while minimizing the time and resources spent, deliver after sales service by implementing our expertise to satisfy customer needs beyond their expectations.

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